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Plastics For Schools

Quality, cost efficient, high performance hygienic wall and ceiling systems that you can rely on.

As an established supplier of plastics materials to Schools and Colleges we now have a successful booklet called 'Plastics for Schools', which specifically meets the needs of the modern design and technology departments in our schools.

The Plastics for Schools booklet features the materials listed below offering a wide range of size and thickness options. The Plastics for Schools booklet is available by filling out the request form at the foot of the page.

Should you require assistance with any matter relating to the subject of semi-finished plastics materials that is not covered in the Plastics for Schools booklet then contact us through the usual means as outlined on our web site.


We will extend 30 days credit to UK mainland educational establishment orders from the Plastics for Schools booklet when accompanied by an official school purchase order.

  • Acrylic Sheet - clear, opal & white
  • Acrylic Sheet - colours, tints, anti-reflective, mirror
  • Ancillary Products - adhesives, cleaners, etc.
  • Foam PVC Sheet - white, black, colours & gloss option
  • Rigid PVC Sheet - clear, white & industrial grey
  • Polycarbonate Sheet - clear
  • PET.G Sheet - clear
  • Polypropylene Sheet - natural, white & black
  • Acrylic Rod & Tube - extruded clear
  • PVC Rod - grey
  • Polypropylene Rod - natural
  • Nylon 66 Rod - natural & black
  • Acetal Rod - natural & black
  • P.T.F.E. Rod - natural
  • Nylon, Acetal & Polyethylene Plate - natural & black
  • Engraving Laminates

To request a copy of the Plastics For Schools information booklet, please complete this form and click the 'Send Request' button.




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