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Industrial Plastics

Our Industrial Plastics section offers a range of materials for use in a wide range of applications and industries. We carry comprehensive stocks that can be supplied cut to size ready for use. We pride ourselves on product availability, with many of our clients operating JIT systems it is paramount that we can respond effectively to the industry's exacting requirements.

The core range of Industrial Plastic products that we offer are, Polycarbonate, PETG, PET, Acrylic, PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene and PVDF and their key characteristics are detailed below, however, if you have a requirement for a product not listed please contact us for price, availability and technical assistance.



  • POLYCARBONATE - Good dimensional stability.
  • POLYCARBONATE - Good temperature resistance (-30°c +120°c).
  • POLYCARBONATE - Very tough (high impact resistance).
  • POLYCARBONATE - Good electrical insulating properties.
  • POLYCARBONATE - Can be used with foodstuffs.
  • POLYCARBONATE - Self extinguishing.
  • POLYCARBONATE - Electrical insulating, medical and pharmaceutical components, items for sterilising.


  • PET.G (POLYESTER) - Fire rating BS476 Part 7 Class 2. Flammability rating UL94/HB.
  • PET.G (POLYESTER) - Good Optical clarity.
  • PET.G (POLYESTER) - Excellent forming capability, no pre-drying required when vacforming.
  • PET.G (POLYESTER) - Very good impact strength.
  • PET.G (POLYESTER) - FDA approved for contact use with foodstuffs (21 CFR 177.1315) USA.


  • PET (POLYESTER) - Excellent friction coefficient (almost twice as good as the nylons and 30% lower than acetyl).
  • PET (POLYESTER) - Moisture absorption much lower than nylons and acetyls.
  • PET (POLYESTER) - Superior dimensional stability (low creep) - much better than acetyls.
  • PET (POLYESTER) - Wear resistance as good as nylons.
  • PET (POLYESTER) - FDA approved for use with foodstuffs.
  • PET (POLYESTER) - Very good electrical properties.
  • PET (POLYESTER) - PET is attacked by oxidised mineral acids and hydrolysed by hot water.


  • ACRYLIC (PMMA) - Excellent optical clarity, DIN 5036 Part 3 >92%.
  • ACRYLIC (PMMA) - Outstanding UV resistance.
  • ACRYLIC (PMMA) - Good impact performance compared to float glass.
  • ACRYLIC (PMMA) - Ease of fabrication, cutting, drilling, polishing, thermoforming, engraving.
  • ACRYLIC (PMMA) - Excellent acoustic dampening properties.
  • ACRYLIC (PMMA) - Good resistance to a range corrosive substances.


  • PVC - Class 1. Flame retardant.
  • PVC - Good impact strength.
  • PVC - High electrical insulation.
  • PVC - Vacuum formable.


  • POLYPROPYLENE - Excellent resistance to fatigue from flexing (almost unbreakable).
  • POLYPROPYLENE - Good electrical properties.
  • POLYPROPYLENE - Good chemical resistance.
  • POLYPROPYLENE - Impervious to water.
  • POLYPROPYLENE - Applications include: cladding, pulleys, pumps.


  • POLYETHYLENE PE300, PE500, PE1000 - Low friction coefficient (same as acetal).
  • POLYETHYLENE PE300, PE500, PE1000 - Good resistance to low temperatures.
  • POLYETHYLENE PE300, PE500, PE1000 - Good impact strength.
  • POLYETHYLENE PE300, PE500, PE1000 - Good chemical resistance and impervious to water.
  • POLYETHYLENE PE300, PE500, PE1000 - FDA approved for use with foodstuffs.
  • POLYETHYLENE PE300, PE500, PE1000 - Pulleys, pumps, guide rails, sprockets.


  • PVDF - Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance.
  • PVDF - Better mechnical properties than PTFE (greater load and creep resistance).
  • PVDF - Excellent weather and UV resistance.
  • PVDF - Very good electrical insulation properties.
  • PVDF - Approved for use with foodstuffs.
  • PVDF - Very good resistance to high energy radiation.
  • PVDF - Valves, pumps, water tanks, linings.
  • PET.G (POLYESTER) - Very good electrical properties
  • PET.G (POLYESTER) - Good chemical resistance


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